Water Damage Restoration and Cleanup

Whatever the level of damage, Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn is always there to help. We provide water damage restoration service and take swift action in case of any possible accident that can happen in your office or apartment. Our professionals can take care of any damage that can happen to your property. No matter the place or the complexity of the accident, we are ready to take immediate actions in order to handle any difficult situation.


Emergency Water Extraction

There are tons of possible causes for water damage. It can be anything from pipe leakage to a storm. But nothing to worry about because our emergency water damage restoration service in Brooklyn has dealt with all of it. We take immediate action to find the source of the damage. Take a look below and see how we work when the accident happens.

  • Identification of the reason or the place of damage.
  • Identification of the path that water has traveled in your place, using special equipment.
  • Identification of what areas were damaged, whether it's ceiling, wall, basement, attic, furniture, etc.
  • Creation of an action plan. Our Brooklyn water damage restoration service creates a detailed guide in order to fully extract the water and restore the damaged area.

Flood Restoration Service in Brooklyn

Should there be a flood which has left standing water, a water extraction machine will be used by our technicians. It can either be a portable unit that is brought into your home or a truck-mounted unit with a long hose; the hose has a vacuum attachment on the end which removes the water. The longer water stays, the more damage it causes to the surface, carpets, or floor. In case your carpets were damaged by the water leak, it may need to be lifted and fans put at the edge to dry the underside of the carpet and padding. This may take a couple of days depending on how wet they are.

Call Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn

When the worst happens to your property, you need help immediately. Besides water mitigation, our service includes restoration after water damage. To make sure our customers get water damage restoration services as soon as possible, we have partnered with Flood Damage Pro, a local, certified, experienced restoration company, especially for urgent and complex restoration projects. We hope that this greater availability will benefit all our customers.

Also, we can provide full mold testing after the restoration to see if there is any mold growth due to the water damage. In case it is detected, we also offer mold remediation services. To get to know more about us and any of our other services, request a Free Estimate or Call Us Directly!

Water damage can significantly damage your property. Besides water and ruined property, it can cause mold to begin growing all over the place. Do not wait for secondary damage from mold! Call us at 718-770-7341, and we will immediately take action to restore everything.

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