Wood Floor Refinishing Brooklyn, NY

There are many different types of hardwood floors and wood floor refinishing. Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn can clean your laminated flooring, solid wood flooring, inlaid wood flooring and parquet flooring. If you have expensive hardwood floor in your home then you should always consult a professional on how to deal with your particular type of flooring.

One of the reasons that most home cleaning of wood floors is not a success is because the person has used a generic wood floor cleaner. You should never use a generic cleaner on your expensive wood flooring as it could seriously damage the pattern or the grain of the wood.

Most busy people will use a professional cleaning company from time to time, especially if they need their precious rugs and carpets cleaned or if your tiled or wood floors are beginning to show signs of wear. When you have paid a lot of money for your flooring it is only common sense that you would want to keep it looking its best for as long as possible. We know that even in the best run households spills and stains occur and over time, flooring begins to lose its pristine look. Professional wood floor cleaning can restore your hardwood floors to their former glory, making them look as good as new again.

Professional Approach to Your Flooring

At Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn, we treat every job individually. If we clean your wood floors then we would first take the time to ascertain what type of wood it is? How long you have had the floor installed? And whether there are any special marks or stains that need attention. Once we have assessed your particular cleaning needs, we have a better idea of what cleaning product will be best suited to your floor. Our team of experts will come in to clean and treat your wood flooring, the time this takes will depend on the amount of flooring that needs cleaning and the type of cleaning and specialist attention it may require.

We Are Experts in Floor Refinishing Services

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn has many years of experience in cleaning all types of flooring and floor covering, including carpets, tiles, and wood flooring, which is how we know that everyone's flooring needs individual attention if the job is to be done properly. There is nothing better than a gleaming wood floor that looks as though it has just been laid.

Wooden flooring adds a homely look that cannot be achieved with some other types of flooring. We clean laminate as well as hardwood floors; if your flooring is laminate then we will use a cleaning product that is designed to be used on laminate floors rather than on hardwood floors.

Once we have completed the cleaning of your solid wood flooring, it is then given a protective coating and buffed up to give it a shine. All of our tools and products are designed to be used with specific types of flooring, so you can rest assured that when the job is finished, your floors will look as good as new. We offer the best cleaning services in Brooklyn, NY. Call our hardwood floor cleaning experts at 718-770-7341 to get a free estimate.

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