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What makes Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn stand out from the rest? Well, professionalism and knowledge is the answer, our services are based on years of experience in the carpet cleaning service field. This is why our technicians are experts when it comes to carpet & upholstery cleaning service and numerous house cleaning services as well from air ducts up to water damage restoration and more.

List of Our Services:

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn have a long lasting reputation in the carpet cleaning area.

Our carpet cleaning experts are using premium techniques and non toxic cleaning materials to provide the best cleaning results to all our customers in Brooklyn area.

There is no carpet spot that can't be removed by our carpet cleaners.

Some of you may be reading these lines and asking themselves "why do I need a professional carpet cleaning service in Brooklyn when I have good vacuum machine?"

Vacuuming is good and certainly gives newer aspect to your carpet, but it certainly don't remove the dust and dirt from deep down inside the carpet, with Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn you can rest assured that all the dust and dirt are removed. Our professional carpet cleaners knows how deal with any type of carpet you have in your home or office and handle it with right care.

No matter how bad is the condition of your carpet it doesn't have to be like that?

We can make it look much newer, we can deal with any stain it might have that's include vine stain, rust, Pet urine and odors. With years of experience you can be assured you get the best carpet cleaning service money can buy.

That's what makes us so different from other Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn companies. We give our customers the ultimate carpet care from A to Z. We doing are best to keep our costumers satisfied.

Our service doesn't end in carpet cleaning alone we are offering top care for all your cleaning needs, most of Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn customers are usually interested in other cleaning services that we offer, this includes:

Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning - Deep cleaning processes made to restore and preserve you upholstery and furniture condition, our expert in carpet cleaning familiar with all kinds of fabrics and familiar with the cleaning processes that suit exactly for the upholstery fabric.

Wood Floor Refinishing - We use the best equipment in this area; our years of experience in wood floor refinishing will make your wood floor to look as good as new.

Windows Cleaning - Our team of windows cleaners providing a comprehensive window treatment for you home and office, we are specialized in cleaning of binds, shades drapes and curtains.

Air Duct Cleaning - Our team of Brooklyn air duct cleaning will help you keep your Air Duct clean, please note that although it is necessary to keep your air duct clean, it is also important to clean your air duct when it's absolutely necessary otherwise it might be detrimental.

Move In and Out Cleaning - Before you move into your apartment have it cleaned by us or just before you move out of your apartment why not leave it clean for the landlord and the next occupant. With our Move in and out cleaning service you will have all your floors, wood, carpets, upholstery and rugs cleaned in no time.

Water Damage Restoration - in any case of a flood or leak Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn is ready to help you out. Our team of water damage restoration experts is able to extract any excess water from flooded basements and even from your furniture or upholstery. Have your house disinfected all mold removed and carpets dry again and make your house as inhabitant safe as before.

Mold Inspection and Testing in Brooklyn, NY - We provide a full range of mold inspection and testing services in Brooklyn. It includes air and surface sampling, leak and moisture detection, visual mold inspection and more. For more information call us at 718-770-7341 to get a free estimate.

Mold Remediation - Our mold removal specialists are certified and have vast experience to help you with all your mold problems. That is why you can rely on our professional services as the best way to get rid of mold once and for all.

Fire Damage Restoration - Most fire damages are usually accompanied by some form of water damage as well. However, fires cause severe smoke stains and indoor air pollution which must be cleaned immediately. Most fire damages render home living conditions uninhabitable. Walls must be dehumidified, cleansed and washed with specific detergents and cleaners that will ensure maximum removal of all soot and smoke debris which are hazardous to your health. We offer fast response fire damage restoration to any person living in the Brooklyn, NY.

Air Testing Mold
Mold Inspection
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