Professional Services for Your Valuable Rugs

Wondering how you are going to clean all those dirty rugs? You can try our cleaning services call us at professional rug cleaning service in Brooklyn, NY. We offer expert cleaning services where each rug is washed individually with great care and professionalism.

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn ensures that your rug gets the best treatment that is not only safe but also meticulous enough to make it look sparkling and great. We offer area rug cleaning services for various types of rugs such as:

  • Oriental rugs
  • Navajo rugs
  • Persian rugs
  • Soumak and tapestry
  • piled or flat woven kelim
  • and other hand prepared area rugs.

Why Consider Professional Rug Cleaning?

Even though there are home remedies for taking care of your rugs, it's always better to go for professional cleaning services that specialize in rugs. The reason is that standard dry-cleaning services don't offer deep dusting, which is so important for maintaining your area rugs.

The trapped dust will start to harden in water and build up with time, ultimately shortening the rug's life. This may also cause dust allergy and other such health problems. Expensive hand weaved rugs in particular must be individually hand cleaned by professional rug cleaners, or their worth may get reduced with time. So just call our carpet cleaning experts 718-770-7341 if you want to protect your valuable rugs & carpets.

How Do our experts clean a Rugs?

As part of the cleaning process, we first send the rug to our workshop to examine and identify the type of fiber and its state to select the suitable cleaning steps. Then the rugs are labeled to recognize the owner, type of rug, service date, and cleaning steps to be followed. This is followed by the precautionary stage where older rugs are checked for tattered spots, holes, weak spots, or other such issues.

We also test the strength of the dyes and inform the cleaning squad about specific directions to be followed according to the conditions. Finally, the rugs are completely cleaned at our workshop to get rid of deep grime, sand, and dust before washing it with the latest rug cleaning equipment.

Our Additional Rug Cleaning Services

To care for your precious rugs, we offer treatments and services like:

  • Rug Dusting
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Fiber Protector
  • Anti Allergen Treatment

Apart from making your rug cleaner, we also provide solutions for organic and non-organic stains, stains and odor caused by pets, dye stains, mildew stains & stench, and other stains and smells due to moisture.

Please call us at 718-770-7341 if you have any queries or to get a free estimate for your rug cleaning needs.

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