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Mold is an element of nature that can be found in places where there is both oxygen and moisture. Usually, there's no problem if mold grows outside your house. However, a problem may arise when it grows inside your house or in places where people may have close contact with it.

Since mold is bad for your house and your health, how will you know if they are already growing inside your home? Checking if you have mold at home can be hard if you can't smell or see them. You may need to consider the following: water leaks or flooding, condensation, health symptoms, and any earthy or musty odor.

What is Mold Inspection and Mold Testing?

Mold inspection points out the presence of mold and determines the size of the problem. Mold testing tries to pinpoint the kind of mold in your home or company and how many mold spores are in the air. When you need confirmation, like for your insurance company, mold testing is very important.

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn provides customers with a full range of mold testing services:

  • Air Sampling
  • Surface Sampling
  • Moisture and Leak Detection
  • Visual Mold Inspection

Our mold inspectors in Brooklyn are experts in their field. They make sure that you get the most useful information you need to take care of indoor mold.

Why Should You Look for Professional Services?

Here are some key points on why you should hire an expert in mold remediation to conduct a mold inspection and black mold testing at your house:

  • Helps You Find Moisture in Your Home
  • Helps Keep the Mold From Spreading
  • Prevent Serious Symptoms of Mold Exposure
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Reduce The Risk of Any Structural Damage to Your Home/Office

Understanding What To Do

Our main goal is to help you understand and correct your mold problem from beginning to end. We provide quick, accurate, professional, and certified mold inspections with complete analysis report for residential and business units.

If you are looking for commercial mold inspection services, visit our website for more details or speak with one of our mold inspectors or testing experts!

What Stands Behind Our Services?

Our professional mold inspection and mold testing services include:

  • Residential and commercial mold testing
  • Quick mold test results
  • Certified laboratory analysis conduct by professionals
  • Comprehensive mold reports with analysis and recommendations
  • Comprehensive mold reports that show the kind of mold/s found, the level of mold spores in the air, and recommendations for remediation

How Is Mold Inspection Done?

We offer a visual mold inspection in Brooklyn which is a non-invasive inspection of a house. No special equipment is needed aside from some tools and a flashlight that are used to access restricted areas. In some cases our mold inspectors may use cameras and also a moisture meter to check if a certain area is wet. A mold inspection can take up to two hours, but it still depends on the size of the home.

The mold inspectors go over the house thoroughly searching for areas that may be prone to mold growth. Once mold is detected, the mold inspector will look for the main source of moisture that is causing the mold and talk to the owner to create a remediation plan.

Our mold inspectors have professional experience in mold testing, inspection, and remediation.

Reliable and Trustworthy Mold Inspection Service in Brooklyn, NY

Have you noticed mold growing indoors and you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy mold testing service or mold inspector near you? We offer mold testing and mold inspection service throughout Brooklyn, working together with O2 Mold Testing, a dedicated mold testing company, to provide fast scheduling and a quick turnaround for results.

Our mold testing experts and inspectors make sure that they will get the best information for you so that you can make the right decision for your property, so you can take care of indoor mold and ensure everyone is safe during the inspection. We use the latest equipment, certified laboratory tests, and surface and air probes for accurate results.


Mold Testing FAQ

What are the signs of mold growth?

Mold growth is a common problem outdoors and indoors. Most of the time, it's visible to the human eye so people can easily spot collections of mold spores. Even if you can't see it, certain things prove the existence of mold in your homes. From water leakages to flooding, condensation, health issues, and musty odors, all of these things are major signs of mold growth.

Where might you find mold?

Mold can be found anywhere. It needs oxygen and moisture to survive. So, wherever these two elements are present in excess, mold starts to grow. Most of the time basements, poorly ventilated rooms, and bathroom sinks are the hotspots for mold growth. These are the places that require mold testing.

Is it possible to prevent mold growth?

Our company provides easy solutions to correct your mold problems. To prevent any kind of mold growth make sure to keep your homes dry and clean. Moreover, open windows and doors of rooms to have proper ventilation. People could also use detergents to clean surfaces to prevent mold growth.

What certifications do we have for mold testing?

At our place, you will find experienced certified mold inspectors who quickly correct all of your mold issues. We are a registered company providing professionally licensed mold testing services for residential and commercial properties. All of our procedures are carried out per international standards. You can contact us through our helpline for further details.


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