Carpet Care for Pet Owners

Whether it's dirty paws, excessive shedding, or bad odors, carpets bear the brunt of our pets. It doesn't help that they're made of soft material, making them even more attractive to our furry companions. Before long, even the most beautiful carpet can collect all kinds of unsightly dirt and stains that are nearly impossible to get rid of.

Is it possible to have a nice carpet and a pet? With the right tips and tricks up your sleeves, it can be done. Like all our interiors, carpet care with pets in house will take some extra effort but if you love your carpets as well as your pets, it's certainly worth the trouble.

Allow us to show you how you can have a clean and well-maintained carpet even with a house of rowdy pets.

Common Pet-Related Carpet Issues

To figure out how to keep a carpet clean, soft, and free of stains, you need to first understand what you're up against.


Some pets lose hair faster than others, but the unfortunate truth is that all pets shed fur. This hair has a tendency to get stuck deep in the carpet and can be very time-consuming to remove. Even if you manage to get it out, it's only a matter of time before your carpet is covered in a fresh layer of fur.

Stains and Odors

Even the best-groomed dogs and cats have a distinct odor that's hard to get rid of. Once this smell gets into your carpet, it seems like no amount of air freshener or cleaning liquid can neutralize it. At the same time, dogs and cats love being outside, returning with dirty paws that will no doubt mess up your carpet even more.

Wear and Tear

Dogs and cats have a tendency to scratch and chew on pieces of furniture in the house. Because they're cozy and soft, carpets are usually their top targets. The wear and tear caused by scratching and chewing are very noticeable and hard to fix.

Allergies and Respiratory Issues

Several Americans live with undiagnosed pet allergies that could lead to a host of respiratory issues. While the usual assumption is that most of these allergens come from pet fur, the National Institute of Environment Health Sciences explains that the true culprit is pet dander which merely uses the fur as a host. This dander can remain on carpets for months, affecting not only those who live in the house but visitors as well.

You can prevent pets from damaging your carpet beyond repair by picking the right material and pet-proofing carpets. But honestly, the best way to deal with such issues, especially if you live in Brooklyn, NY is to seek out professional help with carpet care.

How To Keep Carpet Clean if Dogs or Cats Live in House

So the question remains: how does one ensure carpet care if you live with pets? Should you give up on carpets for good, or is there a method to make your carpet pet-proof? Here are some ways to help maintain your carpet.

Invest in a Comfortable Dog Bed

Dogs love the feel of a carpet and who can blame them? Compared to a cold, hard floor, a carpet is much more comfortable to lay on. So, one way to keep your little one off the carpet is by investing in a comfortable, and easy-to-clean dog bed.

Regular Vacuuming of the Carpet Is Important

If you live with a pet, you need to make sure that your carpet is kept free of allergens and fur. In our experience, we've found that the best way to care for your carpet is to make sure it's vacuumed regularly and thoroughly.

React Quickly To Avoid Stains

If you notice that your dog has urinated, or that a cat has left half-eaten food on your carpet, you should react quickly. If these stains are left there for too long, they could cause permanent damage that will be hard to get rid of later.

Don't Let Odors Take Hold

Similarly, if you can smell a weird odor coming from your carpet, don't hesitate before fixing the problem. An odor that's just seeped in can be cleaned by seeking immediate professional help with carpet care. Once the odor takes hold, you may need to resort to more drastic measures like replacing the carpet entirely.

Minimize Shedding

Pet hair can be a nuisance once it sinks into your carpet. If your dog sheds very often, make it a practice to regularly brush, groom, and bathe them, especially during high shedding seasons such as spring and fall.

Seek Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

All of these measures can a long way in improving the quality of your carpet, but at the end of the day, only a professional can properly address all shedding-related issues. If you live in Brooklyn, NY, make an appointment with Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn for a comprehensive solution and tips on how to keep a carpet clean.

The Problem With DIY Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Why shouldn't you try cleaning your carpet by yourself? For one, it's likely that you won't get a thorough clean and you may leave your carpet full of unseen dirt, dust, and allergens. But in our experience, the main reason is a large number of chemicals in DIY cleaning products can harm your pet. As professionals, we take great care to avoid using products that contain toxic substances such as:

  • Ammonia: A common chemical in cleaning products, ammonia is extremely harmful to pets. According to the National Library of Medicine, it can cause a range of neurological abnormalities among dogs that are already dealing with liver issues.
  • Bleach: The odor of bleach can cause respiratory issues in pets while ingesting the toxic substance can lead to corrosion in the esophagus.
  • Glycol Ethers: A common cleaning chemical, glycol ethers have been known to cause anemia, kidney damage, and developmental problems in pets.
  • Phthalates: These chemicals in cleaning products give them a fragrant scent but they're also known to cause hormonal imbalances in pets.

Common Mistakes Pet Parents Make When Cleaning Carpets

To ensure the right carpet care with pets in house, it's essential that you act fast.

Waiting too long before you clean wet stains, for instance, can not only damage your carpet in the long run but also give your pet the impression that it's okay to use that spot as a toilet.

Another common mistake that pet owners make is attempting to clean dirt and debris with paper towels or by scrubbing the carpet. All you're doing is pushing dirt further into the carpet and making it harder to clean later.

How To Pet Proof Your Carpet: Picking the Right Material

The best material for a carpet to choose if pets live in the house is one that either matches the color of your dog's fur (to mask the shedding), or one that is resistant to wear and tear. Nylon carpets are generally considered very durable while wool carpets are more resistant to scratching.

According to the American Kennel Association, when picking the right carpet, keep these four factors in mind:

  • Choose a material that's spill resistant.
  • Pick a carpet with superior stain resistance.
  • Opt for carpets that can withstand wear and tear.
  • And finally, look for one that has a good warranty.

However, if you already own a carpet that has been stained your best bet is to seek professional help with carpet care.

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