Should You Call A Mold Removal Team?

If you are living in Brooklyn NY, there is always a chance that you will experience mold, either at your home or at the workplace. So, how do you deal with it? Is there a need to consult experts? Read on and find out about mold and how you can get immediate help.

What is mold?

Mold is a type of fungi that grows in moist places. It can be found in various wet places, both indoors and outdoors. Sometimes the area might be wet due to a plumbing issue or other water damage situation, and sometimes just higher humidity, like you'll have when your air conditioner breaks down at the height of summer. Anywhere there is water or moisture indoors, mold spores are likely to land and start reproducing. If it happens to thrive in an apartment, it poses health problems to occupants because it produces irritants, allergens, and toxic mycotoxins.

Why you need a professional mold specialist

Mold growth at home and in commercial buildings will eventually ruin the structure and cause numerous health problems to the people working or living there. And the help of professional mold specialist is invaluable to eliminate these problems. Using modern equipment combined with exo-friendly supplies, mold removal experts will safely and effectively remove the mold in a building without causing harm to the building or to its occupants.

A professional mold specialist will also help with mold identification and confirming indoor mold growth even when you can't see it. Some types of mold might not be so conspicuous, and with the right skills and equipment, a specialist can identify them.

Our tech will identify the potential physical and health hazards that are associated with mold and recommend strategies to minimize exposure.

Who can you call for mold removal in Brooklyn?

If you are wondering who to call in Brooklyn NY for mold removal, Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn is trusted in the community and has certified specialists that can help you with this. We offer services for:

  • Mold inspection & testing
  • Mold control
  • Mold removal
  • Black mold remediation
  • Water restoration

How much does professional mold testing cost?

There are various factors that factor in the cost of professional mold testing. For instance, the size of the area being tested and the location of suspected mold in the property will be essential factors to influence the price.

Some building owners can also be interested in additional services such as remediation and restoration, which will make the price go up.

Sunbird Carpet Cleaning Brooklyn, in particular, can offer affordable prices for mold testing services. Contact us now so we can further discuss the prices.

When to call a mold remediation specialist

If you see mold growing in the building, it's time to call a Brooklyn mold specialist as soon as possible for mold removal. Also, a musty odor in the building is also a sign of mold growth.

In some cases, you might experience allergy symptoms or respiratory issues that never seem to go away. There is a high likelihood that mold could be the cause.

Other times, you might have a leaking roof that has not been repaired. Within no time mold will start growing in the attic or in the top floors, so calling a specialist early will help you with mold removal.



How do professional mold remediators determine if there is mold in the wall?

Our Brooklyn mold inspectors use their knowledge and technologically-advanced equipment to check for mold presence inside your place. If mold growth is confirmed, then mold remediation is needed.

What is the cost I might pay to hire professional toxic mold removers?

The cost of mold removal will be determined by location, the intensity of the growth, the type of mold, and other additional services to be performed. You will have a detailed plan and estimate that you will need to approve before work is started.

Is it necessary to hire a professional to clean black mold?

Yes, you need to hire a professional for black mold removal work. If you try to do it by yourself, without proper equipment and experience you may only make the situation far worse. On the other side, a mold removal expert will ensure that there is no trace of it left behind after the job is done.


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