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Water Damage Restoration Brooklyn

Life is full of adventures good and bad, at water damage restoration Brooklyn we take great care to keep things running good and clean to make your house feel and look beautiful in case of water disasters. When a disaster strikes, you need to act fast to take care of emergency water extraction, even if it happen in the middle of the night, when we are at work or while we are on vacation.

Water heaters can be one of the biggest sources of flood damage when the bottom of the water heater rusts and the water in the tank flow all over the floor. If your water heater is in the garage, it's not as bad of an issue having water on the concrete floor. But, if the water heater is in the laundry room, that is a different issue.

Another common disaster is having a water pipe to burst in the kitchen or bathroom and water covers the floor. The first thing to do is shut the water off immediately. Then, call water damage restoration Brooklyn to come in and get the water cleaned up. Water damage restoration & cleaning is a process of removing the excess water and getting your floors, walls and furniture back to its original condition.

Emergency Water Extraction & Flood Damage Restoration

In case of flood damage, a water extraction machine will be used by our technicians. It can either be a portable unit that is brought into your home or a truck mounted unit with a long hose, the hose has a vacuum attachment on the end that will remove the water.

If you have carpet, it may need to be lifted and fans put at the edge to dry the underside of the carpet and padding. This may take a couple of days depending on how wet the carpet got. Hardwood floors, tile and laminate flooring will need to have the water vacuumed completely and dried to prevent further damage.

It the flood damage happens while you are on vacation, you may have to have some flooring replaced. Laminate for instance will absorb water very quickly; ceramic and porcelain tile flooring can withstand more water exposure. The problem with having tiles; is if the grout is not sealed completely when installed, the water will make the grout crumble. For a free estimate or consultation call us today at 718-770-7341.

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